OTB 22-02

Inspiring Science

  • Science news
  • From China to Italy: impressive modern power plants for renewable energy
  • Behavioral scientist J. Schneider on the mating practices of the wasp spider
  • Global light pollution not only dims the view – it also harms people, animals and nature
  • Robotics science takes an interest in the natural world of animals and plants


  • Psychological problems are on the rise worldwide. Prejudice, taboos and shame persist.
  • It’s the small things in everyday life that can support our mental health
  • Recommendations for mental health

Inside Eppendorf

  • In 1964, the first Eppendorf centrifuge moved into the laboratory. We tell its success story
  • Sustainable All the Way- Whether it concerns energy, technology or materials
  • Lab Lifestyle
  • News from Eppendorf

Bright minds

  • Kelly Nguyen was the first to successfully visualize organic molecules
  • The good in fat - He knows a lot about fat, and he shares his knowledge: Alexander Bartelt 
  • Carmel Harrington found what others were looking for: the cause of SIDS

Exploring Life

  • They are also known as an "Orphan Crops": orphan plants that could feed the world
  • We Shape the World - Explained: The Anthropocene – a new geological era
  • Green Dublin
  • Singing for Science - Guest contribution from "Science" magazine
  • Discovered – The sunken exploration vessel "Endurance"