Working for Eppendorf in Germany

Working for Eppendorf means being part of a community of over 3,300 scientists, engineers, IT professionals, business professionals and specialists from many other fields spanning over 26 countries. Eppendorf, being a leading manufacturer of technology specific to the branch, gives every employee the opportunity to bring their individual competencies and strengths to bear in autonomous projects. Everyone can do their part on our path to success.

Locations in Germany

At our facilities in Leipzig, we develop and produce technologically advanced centrifuges and accessories for use in laboratories all over the world. Eppendorf revolutionized laboratory practices in the field of bioscience research with the launch of our first centrifuge in the year 1964. Whether in our development, production or sales and marketing divisions, the Eppendorf Zentrifugen GmbH offers numerous fields to work in, each affording many creative freedoms.

Distribution of goods and services from the Eppendorf portfolio is handled from our site in Cologne-Wesseling, the Eppendorf Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH. Next to our competent sales teams, application specialists can help with their professional expertise in creating end-to-end solutions for different Life Science laboratories. Aside from sales, the permanent quality of our first-class Eppendorf products is ensured by regular inspection, recalibration and maintenance by our service personnel.

Since Eppendorf's invention of the micro test tube in 1963, Eppendorf's disposable plastic products have been a reliable staple in daily practice in laboratories world-wide. Our innovative disposable plastic consumables are made at the Eppendorf Polymere GmbH. They are manufactured using state-of-the-art production and automation techniques and facilities. We offer many opportunities and prospects, not only for experts in the fields of plastics manufacturing, but also for commercial employees.

A subsidiary of the Eppendorf AG, the DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH develops and manufactures parallel bioreactor systems and provides comprehensive bioprocess software solutions to biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical companies and research facilities. With sophisticated technological equipment and intelligent control software, we provide scientists and developers with the means to deliver superior results in both research and development. Soft- and hardware engineers, IT and bioprocess experts and personnel from a range of other fields all work together in international interdisciplinary teams.

The Eppendorf AG's corporate headquarters in Hamburg is a hub for many of our endeavors. Here, employees from every division make their contribution to providing high-quality products and services and promoting customer satisfaction.

The Eppendorf Liquid Handling GmbH, a subsidiary of the Eppendorf AG, also calls Hamburg its home. A core process in virtually every laboratory is liquid handling. The first ever piston-stroke pipette was made available world-wide by Eppendorf in 1961. Today, our products range from manual pipettes, electronic pipettes, dispensers and burettes, all the way to completely automated pipetting systems.

The Eppendorf Instrumente GmbH is also located in Hamburg. Employees from various divisions accompany our premium products, laboratory equipment such as PCR cyclers, BioPhotometers or CO2 incubators from initial concept to serial production.

From development, production and logistics as well as global areas like customer support and service, marketing, portfolio and quality management, finances and human resources - our Hamburg location is involved in every link of the value chain.

Your Start

As a professional

As a professional

Do you want to contribute your ideas, experience and know-how and develop your skills in a forward-thinking industry? Together, we can drive Eppendorf forward. Assist us in providing high-quality goods and services and customer-oriented processes. Become a part of our success story and help shape the laboratory of the future!

Apprenticeship and Dual Studies Program

Apprenticeship and Dual Studies Program

Are you intellectually curious? Dedicated? Do you thirst for knowledge? Let Eppendorf be your first step into the fascinating world of Life Sciences. Together with our helpful trainers and competent fellow employees, you and your fellow apprentices will learn to work as one within the corporate network during your Apprenticeship or Dual Studies Program. Gain valuable experience and help shape the future of Eppendorf; and YOUR future as well.

Internships and final theses

Internships and final theses

Do you want to be more than just a spectator during your internship? Then you're exactly the kind of person we want. At Eppendorf, you're part of the team from beginning to end. You have the opportunity to collaborate on many different projects, from developing new products to marketing. You can master different tasks in your chosen field, and also catch a glimpse of other fields and divisions. A thirst for knowledge and personal initiative are your keys to success at Eppendorf.

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