Virus Meets Firewall

With the Biopur standard, Eppendorf has heralded a new era of purity in laboratory equipment. Only one in 1.000.000 survives sterilization in Biopur products. Our products are synonymous with absolute perfection in the life sciences. A major part of this is the result of the cutting-edge IT resources used by our employees around the globe and optimized constantly to match their unique needs.

IT specialists at Eppendorf work as part of a committed and motivated community of young professionals, dedicated specialists, and committed executives. Appreciation, mutual respect, and a shared passion for challenging work form the foundations of that community. We believe in flexibility and versatility. Every one of us is frequently given the opportunity to pursue new tasks across national or disciplinary boundaries. Our colleagues around the world are relying on our support. Eppendorf means continuous improvement and unrivalled quality. Become part of our world.

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