Abdelali B., IT-Specialist

Current Position: CRM Project Manager IT at  Eppendorf AG, Hamburg/ Germany.
Joined Eppendorf in 2008

How did you come to Eppendorf?

I am a traditional IT specialist by training, and I joined Eppendorf in Hamburg/Germany in 2008. I am currently working as a CRM project manager. I had never heard about Eppendorf before, but when I was approached by a headhunter with that option, I immediately saw that there was something special in it.

What is special about working at Eppendorf?

Eppendorf is always on the move. We never stop. And I don’t mean the business alone. We are all constantly moving. Everybody has a home, an area of expertise, but we all keep in contact with all of the other areas and systems. When we launch a new project, we bring together lots of different competences from lots of different places. Only recently, I was involved in setting up a web store for ENA (Eppendorf North America, Inc.).

What are the challenges in IT?

What does a good Eppendorf IT specialist need? Flexibility and a nose for innovation. Technical progress never stops, especially at high-tech companies. We always need to stay up to date. It is quiet usual that I have to come up with a solution in the afternoon for a problem that I didn´t knew existed that same morning. We learn lots from our work that we could have never learnt in college, for instance, the new app developments. But it’s not just a matter of expertise. At Eppendorf, you need to be open for other cultures. You need to think like the market and see the added value that our products or our services can offer for the client. Communicating and listening to the client, that is what makes our projects so strong.

What would you miss most about Eppendorf?

The first and foremost aspect would be the great work with my immediate colleagues. We all look out for each other. We know the people we are working with, and many of us have a background in consulting. But that is also true for colleagues from other departments. In my international projects, I’m always in touch with my colleagues via WebEx or Skype, or I am given the opportunity to meet them in person.


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