Lu F. T., Scientist

Current Position: Application Specialist in the field of Liquid Handling
Employed at Eppendorf Malaysia since 2007; working as an impat at Eppendorf AG since 2011.

What brought you to Eppendorf?

My original background is in research. I completed my studies in biotechnology in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia and Queensland/Australia. Maintaining direct contact to research is therefore extremely important to me, but I also wanted to use my skills in a practical way. Eppendorf allows me to combine both.

Why Eppendorf?

Eppendorf has always been known to me as a company. Their premium brand products are valued by every natural scientist from here to Kuala Lumpur. After seeing an online job advertisement, I applied immediately. The application process was challenging. It involved an extensive interview and I was asked to introduce a project and myself in a presentation. That was exhausting, but it was worth it. In 2007, I got the position as an application specialist for pipettes and tips.

How do you experience your work?

In actual fact, my workplace is in Kuala Lumpur; however I am currently working at Eppendorf headquarters. I was really excited to have the opportunity to work as an impat in Hamburg. My colleagues and I offer product and application training courses at the Eppendorf Training Center in Hamburg/Germany and also in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. Our customers include distributors, end customers and also colleagues from sales in the entire Asia-Pacific region. My work is never boring because having background knowledge of biotechnology is just as important as understanding different markets and cultures. One should also be prepared to actively reach out to customers and at the same time have the creativity and the ambition to find the right solution for all questions and applications. That requires sensitivity and imagination as well as having fun in what one does.

What is special about Eppendorf?

Three things: great colleagues, a sense of pride and variety of work. We all work hard and enjoy what we do because we are proud of our products, services and our company. Eppendorf provides us with a first-class environment to achieve great things with the latest equipment. Each day brings new challenges, whether technical or personal in nature. At Eppendorf I have only met helpful and pleasant colleagues. They have given me a tremendous amount of help in gaining a foothold in Hamburg. And not just during the working day. We often meet privately too and have lots of fun. For example, I play in the Eppendorf badminton team. You often hear it said, but we really are like a family. Fortunately, whether in Hamburg or Kuala Lumpur, our good cooperation works regardless of location.


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