30 Years of Competence in Cell Handling

From manipulation to cultivation, in microbiology and cell culture - more and more scientists from research to production have been using our cell handling products.

It all began with successful cell microinjections, back in the 1980s. Those very cautious and tentative initial steps have become an indispensable part of modern day-to-day scientific work – as have Eppendorf’s cell handling products. With the acquisition of New Brunswick in 2007 and DASGIP in January 2012, Eppendorf has expanded its competencies in this area even further, adding shakers, incubators, and fermentors.


Products in this competence area:

Fermentors and bioreactorsCO2 incubatorsElectroporators
Single-use reactorsBiological shakers
Micromanipulators and -injector


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