Our Expertise in Life Science Laboratories

Sustainability begins with listening, paying attention and understanding. This is the key to innovative solutions and performance in product development. We observe our customers holistically in their working environments, and from what we see, we develop future-oriented ideas that contribute to making repetitive laboratory workflows easier, safer, more precise and efficient, and more ergonomic and healthier. And thus more sustainable.

Sustainability is a binding element of all our products and solutions:

Eppendorf introduced the first piston pipette as early as 1961. Today, our liquid handling portfolio ranges from manual and electronic pipettes to dispensers, burettes and automated pipetting systems. Our devices and consumables are characterized by absolute reliability. We use exclusively highest-quality materials such as pure polypropylene that combine resistance to chemicals and solvents with robustness and a long service life to ensure highly sustainable products.

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Product overview Liquid Handling

In addition to manipulators and injectors, Eppendorf produces consumables and incubators for cultivation as well as complete bioreactor systems for cell culture. We also offer detection systems for subsequent analysis. All our solutions for cell handling are characterized by the greatest precision, quality, time savings, a long service life and user-friendliness. Parallel DASbox® mini bioreactor systems enable the parallel operation of multiple single-use bioreactors. With their triple-eccentric drive, Eppendorf shakers deliver high performance even with a heavy workload and at top speeds. Thanks to their seamless chambers, Eppendorf CO2 incubators are unmatched in their ease of cleaning. 

Product overview Cell Handling

Sample handling involves a number of different processes and steps, including centrifugation, heating and freezing as well as mixing, amplification and the analysis of samples. Eppendorf offers the right devices and consumables for each of these steps – such as our reaction tubes, for which we use no softeners, mold release agents or biocides in the source material or during production. This approach to manufacturing is an important contribution to ecological sustainability in everyday laboratory work.

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Product overview Sample Handling