Oldenburg's Own Thermal Power Station

In Oldenburg we decided to construct a thermal power station instead of the traditional combination of local heating and a central power plant. For the first time, we have the opportunity to benefit from combined heat and power generation – with astonishing results.

As with nearly all industrial manufacturing processes, the need for heating and electrical power is one of the most significant environmental factors that a responsible and environmentally conscious company must consider. And this naturally applies to our production facility in Oldenburg. In addition to the small steps already described, in 2014 we took a sizable step toward greater energy efficiency and sustainability with the installation of a modern thermal power station, which offers us the opportunity to benefit for the first time from combined heat and power generation.

This power station produces both electricity and heat, and with its sophisticated energy recovery technology, it achieves a total utilization or efficiency rate of around 90%. In other words, the system is perfect for the requirements of our production processes. A large modern coal-fired power plant loses approximately half the energy it produces in the form of waste heat. Not so here: the heat produced by our power station during electrical power generation can be used directly in our operations. For our facility in Oldenburg, this means more than just economic progress; the environment, too, benefits from increased energy efficiency in our production there, because the new power station naturally reduces the carbon footprint of our production by a substantial degree.