epMotion® 96 - A control App

This App is needed to control the Eppendorf epMotion® 96 semi-automated electronic pipette for fast and precise 96 channel microplate processing.  The epMotion 96 is an easy to use bench top system for high precision pipetting in 96- and 384-well plates and as an affordable solution it overcomes the limits of manual multichannel pipetting. Its ergonomic design and intuitive handling makes epMotion 96 a great tool for anyone who needs fast and precise liquid handling in a 96-well format.

Get intuitive operation with intelligent, preset applications:

  • Pipette - Aspiration and dispensing of liquids

  • Multidispense - Dispensing of liquid in multiple equal volumes

  • Pipette + Mix - Aspiration and dispensing followed by user defined mixing cycles

  • Manual Pipette - Aspiration of liquid can be manually stopped prior to reaching the max set volume; used for volume determination or gentle aspiration of supernatants

  • Dilute + Mix - Aspiration of a concentrate and a diluent separated by an air gap. Mix after dispensing

  • Multiaspirate - Aspiration of multiple equal liquid volumes; used for pooling from multiple plates

  • Programming - Store sequences of multiple modes as programmed workflows

The epMotion® 96 is for simultaneous 96-well pipetting from 0.5 to 300 μL without the need to change heads. Save time and money while getting better reproducibility of your results from cell based assays, ELISA, cell seeding, nucleic acid quantification, plate reformatting or other applications.

The App requires iOS 7 and will control the epMotion 96 via WiFi connection. It is optimized for the use on an iPod touch 5.

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