10.06.2022 | News

Living Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important – everyone agrees. However, actively living these concepts in one’s own surroundings, and within an organization, requires a cultural transformation. It is a topic that is close to our hearts at Eppendorf – and the reason why it adorns the cover of the latest issue of Off the Bench.

Colorful, inviting, and promising lots of insights into the topic! In addition, readers of the Life-Science-Style magazine will, perhaps for the first time, discover the true nature of the scientific discipline “Ludology”. And why one day, we may live to 130 years of age – in the best of health. This trend is known as longevity. Eppendorf also reports on its project “Clean Water for Ghana”, as well as on why notebooks are obsolete when it comes to research data – thanks to digitalized products such as the Centrifuge 5910 Ri.

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