Business Units

Eppendorf's systems and products for use in laboratories impress with their premium quality and reliability making them indispensable worldwide. The product portfolio of the business units Liquid Handling, Consumables, Separation & Instrumentation and Bioprocess includes, for example, pipettes, pipette tips, centrifuges, mixers, ultra-freezers and bioreactors for cell and gene research. In addition, Eppendorf offers a wide range of high-quality consumables.

Separation & Instrumentation

Eppendorf centrifuges and laboratory instruments of the Separation & Instrumentationbusiness unit offer users a high degree of reproducibility, efficiency and ease of use, compared to other solutions. As a result, Eppendorf instruments simplify and improve research and routine work in the application areas of sample preparation, sample separation, sample storage, amplification and cell cultivation.

Six product groups worldwide, in some of which Eppendorf is the market leader:

  • Centrifuges and vacuum concentrators
  • Ultra-low temperature freezers
  • Biological shakers
  • CO2 incubators
  • Thermocycler Mixers and temperature control systems

Highlight products

  • Centrifuges
    Eppendorf is a global full-service provider and one of the world market leaders for innovative, high-quality laboratory centrifuges. In addition to micro and table centrifuges, the portfolio includes floor-standing, high-speed, clinical and automated centrifuges.
  • ULT freezers
    The overall system consisting of ultra-low temperature freezers, accessories and digital solutions enables reliable sample storage. My Green Lab© certified several Eppendorf ULT freezers (-80°C) according to the Environmental Impact Factor Label.
  • Cell biology equipment (CO2 incubators and shakers)
    Intuitively operated systems for cultivating cell cultures – available as a static or shaking version depending on the application.
  • Temperature Control and Mixing
    Eppendorf offers a wide range of high-quality, robust and reliable temperature control systems and mixers to suit all requirements.


Eppendorf consumables meet the highest quality standards for sample safety, reliably preventing contamination or loss. This ensures better results, improving reproducibility and efficiency in the laboratory.

Sustainability and digitalization play an important role in the development and production of our consumables.

Four globally market-leading product groups:

  • Pipette tips
  • Vending machine tips
  • reaction vessels
  • Microtiter plates

Highlight products

  • Pipette tips
    Broad portfolio with the highest quality requirements to ensure accurate and reproducible pipetting.
  • Reaction vessels
    Suitable vessels for demanding samples and applications from 0.1ml - 50ml.
  • Plates
    Reaction vessels for parallel analysis of 96 or 384 samples. Ideal for complex applications, automated processes and digital workflows.

Liquid Handling

The Eppendorf Group is the liquid handling expertat its customers' side: with a complete product and service portfolio from manual to automated pipetting. The products and services help customers to achieve better and more reproducible results and to reduce errors.

Eppendorf products' high user-friendliness ensures utmost efficiency and minimizes the physical and mental workload in the laboratory. Digitalization in particular helps to further minimize human errors and make results verifiable. Eppendorf customers focus on their science, not on pipetting.

Five product groups, some of which are market leaders, worldwide:

  • Pipettes & pipetting aids
  • Dispenser
  • Pipetting robot
  • Bottle dispenser
  • Burettes

Highlight products

  • Research plus® – Mechanical pipette
    The “gold standard” for all routine tasks in laboratories around the world.
  • Xplorer® – Electronic pipette
    For recurring and standardized pipetting tasks.
  • Multipette® & Combitips®
    System for handling difficult liquids (e.g. volatile, viscous). Dominant market position with a patented closed system.
  • epMotion® family
    Family of semi-automatic and automatic pipetting robots for standardized tasks with medium to high throughput.


Bioprocesstechnology is a dynamic area in the field of process engineering, bringing together life sciences, natural sciences and engineering in a unique way.

Leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, among others, use our product portfolio to develop and manufacture new biotechnological active ingredients for therapies, diagnostics and vaccines.

Two market-leading product groups worldwide:

  • Bioprocess systems
  • Bioreactors and fermenters

Highlight products

  • BioBLU® single-use bioreactors
    Extensive portfolio of single-use bioreactors as well as reusable glass bioreactors from 65mL up to 40L. Eppendorf BioBLU® single-use bioreactors combine all the advantages of single-use technology with the familiar performance and scalability of conventional stirred tanks.
  • Bioprocess system SciVario twin®
    SciVario twin® is a next-generation bioprocess controller that evolves with the customer. With an intuitive user interface and innovative hardware and software, it offers flexibility for process optimization and is equipped for the digital laboratory.
  • Bioprocess autosampler
    The Bioprocess Autosampler enables regular, automated sampling around the clock. It is compatible with glass and single-use bioreactors operated with a DASbox® Mini Bioreactor System or a DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor System.