60 years of Eppendorf centrifuges - 60 years of top performance

The first Eppendorf centrifuge - model 3200.

A milestone birthday to celebrate. In 1964, Eppendorf's first centrifuge saw the light of day. The Model 3200 heralded the beginning of a long success story. Behind the inconspicuous name lay a revolution for laboratories all over the world.

Together with the famous "Eppi" from 1963 and the piston pipette from 1961, the 3200 centrifuge completed the so-called "microliter system". This made it possible to process the smallest sample volumes and revolutionized the life science sector. 

Since then, it has been impossible to imagine laboratories without an Eppendorf centrifuge - a revolutionary instrument in many scientific disciplines that today defines the standard in research laboratories all over the world.

Centrifuge 5427 R: Eppendorf's first centrifuge with a more sustainable coolant.

Since the introduction of the Model 3200, Eppendorf has continuously expanded its range of innovative and high-quality devices for a wide range of applications. Today's centrifuge models no longer have much in common with the first model from 1964.

Current devices offer an ergonomic operating concept with a wide range of options and comply with high safety standards. Cooled centrifuges also have a sophisticated cooling system to protect your sensitive samples from heat. The innovative developments can be seen, for example, in the intuitively operated Centrifuge 5910 Ri with touch screen and the Centrifuge 5427 R with a more sustainable coolant.

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„We are proud of how the business with Eppendorf centrifuges has grown over the years. With our complete range, we will continue to play an important role for our customers and in the market in the future.“

Dr. Marlene Jentzsch, Senior Vice President Division Separation & Instrumentation

The maxim of Eppendorf product development is to exceed customer expectations, to simplify laboratory processes and make them reproducible, and to provide users with pioneering technologies.

The precision, reliability and innovation embodied in every Eppendorf centrifuge help enable breakthrough discoveries and scientific advances in numerous disciplines.

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