Our Purpose

Eppendorf contributes to improving human living conditions.

Eppendorf’s purpose to improve human living conditions is as old as the company itself and has lost none of its significance or power over the years. Researchers around the world are addressing the major problems humanity is facing. It's about fighting climate change, pandemics, feeding eight billion people and even more in the future. The solutions and answers we need for the future of humanity lie in the hands of science and in the capabilities of laboratories. Researchers need to be fast, precise, and efficient. It is the Eppendorf Group's purpose to support them in their work.


We put the customer at the center of everything we do. As the premium sample management company, we empower passionate scientists to make the world a more livable place, faster. Eppendorf accelerates research in the laboratory and makes sample management even more precise, error-free, and efficient. This is a clear, unmistakable vision with a sustainable promise and recognizable added value for our customers.


Our first-class products, systems and services enable, improve, and facilitate research and routine work in laboratories all over the world. They inspire through innovation, quality, intelligence, performance, economic efficiency, ergonomics, and design. We are characterized by continuous investment in the innovation of our products, services, and business solutions, including through the involvement of partners and customers.


At the same time, Eppendorf is and will remain a success story and a matter of the heart in every respect.