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We are thankful to have you on board. Our onboarding process is designed to make you feel valued and supported from day one. an insight into the opportunities for individual development for your future at Eppendorf.

From juniors and professionals to managers: We use our individual strengths so that we can continue to set landmark changes in motion in the future. That’s why we strive to continually add new perspectives and expertise to our outstanding team.

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Our team will show you the ropes

We want to ensure that you quickly find your feet when you start out. We provide the necessary support to ensure that you are integrated into the team quickly and get to know the company and your department, step by step. For us, regular feedback conversations are a given, and help us identify your development opportunities and provide individual support.

Mentoring Program

Depending on the location, mentors play a key role alongside superiors in helping new employees integrate into the organization as quickly as possible and providing support when assuming a new role. Mentors primarily help new employees find their way around the company and assist in social and personal integration.

Induction day

Starting a new job is a huge change. A change we aim to make a little bit easier – depending on the location – with an Induction Day. Here, we provide an overview of our products, production areas, the company alignment, history and organization as well as our shared values and vision. Giving you the best start to your career at Eppendorf.

Feedback sessions

We provide checklists and an onboarding schedule to plan and prepare employee integration in advance. Depending on the location, we schedule a feedback session with you after the first 100 days. This gives us an opportunity to talk about reciprocal perceptions and expectations during the onboarding process, and to provide an outlook on the days to come.

Interview: Your first days at Eppendorf

Linda Engfeldt - Head of Product Management Liquid Handling

Interview: Your first days at Eppendorf

How did you experience your integration into the team and company?

I thought Eppendorf did an exceptional job of integrating me into the team. In fact, my first days were extremely well organized as a whole. I received an onboarding schedule in advance, and initial meetings were set up so that I could get to meet everybody. Everyone was very open, and not just in my team. At Eppendorf, people want to get to know new employees, they are very interested from the start, both on a personal and a professional level.

How does Eppendorf support your professional development?

I was assigned new responsibilities that allowed me to further my development in a targeted manner. Allowing me to try new things at Eppendorf is a great way of supporting me. We're constantly getting new training sessions that are very helpful. And we learn on the job, which thrives from exchanging information among colleagues.

Discover our LearnAbility product portfolio

LearnAbility at Eppendorf means that people take initiative for identifying their learning needs and formulating their learning goals. Global HR Development supports people in their growth by the following approach:

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Learning Culture

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Learning Opportunities

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Performance Management

Learning Culture

Competency Model

Our nine competencies create a common understanding in terms of expected behavior and the direction in which employees should develop. They are the basis for performance reviews between superiors and employees. These conversations are used to define role-specific examples on which to assess the employee’s current development level and to identify their development potential.


We asked our employees around the world to help analyze our identity as an employer. Knowing who we are as a company, what sets us apart and which values our more than 3,600 employees share is of great importance to us. Our company motto, “Collaborate on new ideas.”, ensures that our culture is visible both within the company and without, for example on social media, on our career page and at trade fairs.

Employee Survey

We actively measure employee commitment and identify the need for measures that support cultural change, based on the perception of our employees. As an employer, we feel it is important to value and recognize our employees around the world, by listening to their individual voices.


Future People – Promoting junior staff

We offer various entry programs for junior staff, e.g., apprentices, students and direct entrants. To do so, we cooperate with various institutes and universities in order to recognize and successfully apply trends at an early stage.

Talent Management

As an experienced and globally successful life science company, we have a clear understanding of talent and a process to identify high potentials. We provide targeted development measures, e. g., 6-month assignments abroad, mentoring and coaching programs, etc., and ensure that a strategic succession plan is in place for our talent pool.

Leadership Programs

We offer various development programs for managers, based on their individual roles and experience. The individual programs focus on the managers’ personal (professional and social) growth and on how they can in turn support their employees’ development.

Learning Opportunities

The Eppendorf Academy HR Catalog

Our digital learning management system grants each employee access to a wide range of individual learning offers. This digital offer helps us support our employees, easily and targeted to their individual needs.

Digital Learning Platform

With our digital learning platform, we provide our employees with a key resource to continually educate themselves and gather valuable learning experience. We offer our employees a wide range of educational content that covers a variety of professional and social skills.

Team Workshops

Communicating directly, as equals, and face-to-face remains a key learning experience, and one’s own team is the most important group of employees among Eppendorf’s functional units. To ensure that employees can work together as a team effectively and smoothly, we encourage our teams to meet locally and work on their shared success.

Classroom Trainings

Eppendorf provides opportunities their employees to boost their soft skills by interacting with each other.

Performance Management

Annual Performance Reviews

At least once a year, employees and their supervisors schedule regular performance reviews, in the course of which expectations and performance are aligned and re-aligned, if necessary. These conversations focus on development opportunities for employees in particular.

Performance-oriented Coaching

In a series of conversations, employees at Eppendorf receive guidance from their supervisors and are thus given the necessary tools to improve their personal problem-solving skills. These conversations focus on exploring and developing one’s own skills and to thus acquire a better understanding of how to deal with challenges and tackle them independently.


At Eppendorf, we see giving and receiving targeted feedback as a vital opportunity and the foundation for improvement. We continually strengthen the quality of our feedback by providing various tools and trainings.

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