22.12.2020 | Press Release

Eppendorf SE: Corona bonus of 500 Euros for all employees

  • Global workforce to receive Corona special payment in December
  • Eppendorf thanks for major contribution in the fight against COVID-19 and commitment to the company

Hamburg, December 22, 2020 – All employees of the Eppendorf Group receive a one-time special payment of EUR 500 or the equivalent in the respective local currency with their December salary. In this way, Eppendorf acknowledges the extraordinary performance of its global workforce in the fight against the Corona virus and their great commitment to the company.

"With this special payment, we thank all employees for their great commitment and remarkable flexibility this year," the two Co-CEOs of theEppendorf SE, Eva van Pelt and Dr. Peter Fruhstorferexplained." All employees have made a significant contribution ensuring that the Eppendorf Group was able to produce at all times during the past months and was always able to supply.

"According to van Pelt and Fruhstorfer, this has enabled Eppendorf to consistently supply urgently needed laboratory equipment and consumables to diagnostics laboratories and vaccine manufacturers worldwide in the fight against COVID-19. The company's significant additional workload reflects Eppendorf's relevance in the fight against the Sars CoV-2 virus worldwide." Eppendorf once again demonstrated the importance and relevance of its company mission: improving human living conditions worldwide," said the two Co-CEOs.

All of the approximately 4,500 employees of the Eppendorf SE and its subsidiaries in 34 countries around the world receive the special payment. It does not matter in which function or position they work for the Eppendorf Group. In Germany, the amount is tax-and social security-free.