29.07.2021 | Press Release

Eppendorf CryoCube® F440 ULT freezers now all-green

Hamburg, July 2021
Eppendorf continues to follow the path of sustainability by re -designing the 400 L U LT freezer class. The well-known standard-sized ultra-low temperature (U LT) freezer is now completely equipped with future -proof green cooling liquids and green insulation foam as well as better performance.

By combining longevity and quality with sustainability aspects, the CryoCube F440 series is the well-accepted standard format U LT freezer for the lab. 440 L of -80°C can be filled with up to 320 freezer storage boxes.

Low energy consumption of down to 6,8 KWh/ day (-80 °C; 230 V) is combined with powerful pull-down to -80 °C within 200 min and fast recovery back to -80 °C after door opening: The perfect solution for freezers which are used in the lab on daily basis – keep valuable samples safe at constant conditions.

Compared to its precursor, the CryoCube F440 saves up to 23% of power combined with 30% more space.
This is a further building block in a long green Eppendorf freezer story. Eppendorf now has more than 13 years of experience in research and development, production, logistics, and service in the field of green U LT freezers, compliant to F-gas regulation and SNAP.

The new CryoCube F440 series can be connected to VisioNize® Lab Suite for monitoring via VisioNize box. The eLabInventory sample management software can support the smart Eppendorf storage so lution of high-value samples.

For more information, please visit: www.eppendorf.com/freezers

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