OTB 23-01

Inspiring Science

  • Science news
  • The James Webb Space Telescope provides precise images of distant galaxies. Four examples
  • Certain sounds can create a pleasant feeling. What is behind the ASMR phenomenon
  • Mushrooms have enormous potential. In science and business, they are seen as drivers of innovation
  • For more clarity: researchers worldwide have created a glossary of scientific terms


  • Despite all the AI advances, intellectual imagination is more in demand than ever. What makes it unique
  • "Anyone can be creative," says psychologist Sebastian Kernbach. His tips in the interview
  • Creativity recommendations

Inside Eppendorf

  • epMotion performs routine tasks completely automatically, which creates new capacities
  • Researchers and their projects are given a face on the Eppendorf website "Your Project Matters"
  • Lab Lifestyle
  • News from Eppendorf

Bright minds

  • Ann Kennedy combines biology and mathematical formulas. A portrait of the Eppendorf Prize winner
  • Climate change is also affecting cloud formation. Bjorn Stevens examines how
  • Martin Oeggerli shows tiny creatures in all their glory. About the art of his photos

Exploring Life

  • Climate change starts with food. What belongs on the menu and what doesn´t
  • Oliver Niebuhr on vocal charisma
  • In the footsteps of Claude Monet
  • Guest contribution from “Science” magazine
  • Plant illustrations since 1935