OTB 24-01

Inspiring Science

  • Science news
  • Corals ensure maritime biodiversity. But warming seas pose a serious threat to them
  • Our hands are a true masterpiece of nature. Time to look at them in all their facets
  • Trying to resist chocolate is pointless. Interesting facts about this sweet treat
  • More and more cities are implementing the idea of short distances. The 15-minute city and its advantages


  • Positive psychology focuses on strengths and beauty. It promises a successful life
  • Even grumpy people can think positively. Five everyday tips can help
  • Humor makes life easier. Three recommendations

Inside Eppendorf

  • The Eppendorf Tubes® revolutionized work in the laboratory and promote scientific innovations
  • How do cell and gene therapies succeed? Interview with Lina Tao from Eppendorf
  • Knowledge and entertainment for the laboratory
  • Company news

Bright minds

  • Maurice Michel researches the repair of DNA and thus paves the way for new therapeutic options
  • Anelis Kaiser Trujillo on stereotypes in brain research – and how to overcome them
  • If you rest properly, you will retain new knowledge better. Learn from sleep researcher Björn Rasch

Exploring Life

  • Interview: evolutionary medicine specialist Frank Rühli explains how people grow in size
  • Why invasive animals endanger ecosystems
  • The tradition of Viennese coffee houses
  • Guest contribution from “Science” magazine
  • The Behaim Globe is registered with UNESCO