05.03.2021 | Press Release

Eppendorf introduces connected electronic pipettes

Hamburg, March 2021

Eppendorf has developed the brand new VisioNize® pipette manager and is on its way towards digitalization in manual pipetting. The system is ideal for scientists who manage a high workload and require many intricate pipetting steps. Technology solutions are here to help scientists improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency and collaboration. This is where connectivity and the Internet-of-Things approach come in.

The VisioNize pipette manager acts as a control panel and communicates with the connected electronic pipettes from Eppendorf. The VisioNize pipette manager can be used to quickly enter volumes, with all the settings being immediately transferred to all the connected electronic pipettes. The integrated software provides helpful guidance to ensure accuracy when working with different liquid types. Conventional tablets can also be connected alongside the electronic pipettes to work in parallel.

Back in 1961, Eppendorf launched the world's first microliter system, the "Marburg Pipette", thus revolutionizing pipetting forever. The year 2021 marks both the 60th anniversary of this groundbreaking development and the next step Eppendorf is taking to support scientists on the way to the networked laboratory of the future.

Learn more at www.eppendorf.com/visionize-pipette-manager

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