25.10.2018 | Press Release

Eppendorf presents first internally developed CO2 incubator

Hamburg, October 2018

“Today´s cell culture requires more than technical solutions for optimized growth conditions and efficient contamination prevention.” says Eppendorf´s Business Manager for cell culture products Dr. Patrik Ferreira. “For several years, customers involved in Eppendorf´s development process have reported an increasing demand for devices that provide flexibility, support with increasing documentation demands and use natural resources sustainably. We also noticed more questions regarding a future ´connected lab´ environment during customer contacts in the last two years.”

After acquisition of New Brunswick Scientific including its well-known Galaxy® CO2 incubators in 2007 and decades of market experience, Eppendorf now presents its own in-house development to fulfill the above demands. Produced in Hamburg, Germany, the new CellXpert® CO2 incubator family adopted several established features like a fanless design and a deep-drawn chamber. In addition, it incorporates several innovations like multiple integrated temperature sensors, a smart gas control and a magnetic door closing concept for enhanced ergonomics. The CellXpert also includes Eppendorf´s VisioNize® system for remote monitoring.

Information about Eppendorf´s new CellXpert CO2 incubator is available at www.eppendorf.com/cellxpert.

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