Rusbeh G., engineer in the development division of the Eppendorf Instrumente GmbH; intern, undergraduate and subsequent full-time employee.

How did you become interested in Eppendorf?

I studied physical engineering specialized in biomedical engineering at the university of applied sciences in Münster, and wanted to gain some practical experience in the industry during my thesis. I've had a lot of contact with laboratory medicine, and therefore also with Eppendorf products during my studies.

What level of support did you receive during your internship?

My mentor was very active and had a lot of experience in guiding students through an environment of the industrial sciences. He is a university graduate himself, so he was quite familiar with the situation. He was an enormous help on a professional level, and we got along well on a personal level as well.

What were the most valuable experiences for you during your internship?

At Eppendorf, I was completely immersed in the practical application. I was able to accompany the project from start to finish and think up solutions, and plan and assemble things myself. I learned a lot about the interrelation between the different development steps this way. It was great to see my own project come to fruition and the finished product utilized.