Eppendorf's Mission for the Environment, Health and Safety

Being aware of our responsibility for people and the environment, Eppendorf strives for active, comprehensive and innovative environmental and health protection as well as the highest safety standard. Therefore, we have had a certified environmental management system in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001 for several years. Additionally, Eppendorf is currently establishing an occupational health and safety management system in accordance with DIN ISO 45001. Eppendorf's goal is not just to optimize our integrated management system continuously, but also to constantly improve our performance in the areas of occupational health and safety and the environment over the long run.

Our activities are based on the goals of sustainable business, wherever it is economically feasible. We continuously identify, implement and improve measures to avoid and reduce burdening the environment. The high quality, efficiency and long service life of our products contribute to a careful use of resources, as does our smart selection of sustainable raw materials, water resources and energy sources. That is why we make sure that environmental requirements are already defined in the development process for every aspect and each stage in the life cycle of our products.

Our mission also focuses on people. Both the health and safety of our employees as well as the ergonomic and safe design of our products are extremely important to us. We consistently apply and implement measures to eliminate hazards and minimize risks. We contribute to the health of our employees by providing safe and healthy workplaces and by taking preventive measures such as in our occupational health management.

We have furthermore undertaken to fulfill all binding obligations. These arise in part from legal provisions and governmental regulations, but also through the expectations and demands of relevant interested parties such as customers, employees, (compensation) insurers and suppliers. We accordingly cooperate as a matter of course with governmental institutions and maintain an open exchange of information with all our partners. Consultation and participation of our employees in all matters related to health and safety are an integral part of our commitment.

The employees of Eppendorf are not only the basis for our business success, they are also the foundation for our management system and our mission.

Thus, we actively promote their environmental, health and safety awareness by providing information, training and continuing education, integration and leadership. Every member of management has the task of implementing and strengthening this awareness in his or her department. We can only live up to our standards of sustainability, occupational health and safety and environmental protection by working together.

We are Eppendorf – together we shape a sustainable surrounding for people and the environment!