Dr. Sabine-Annette C., scientist employed in the marketing support division of the Eppendorf SE.

How did you become interested in Eppendorf?

Eppendorf products are part of everyday life as a scientist. A colleague in the team I was working in at the time later applied to Eppendorf. I found the idea of seeing the "other side" very interesting. By chance, I stumbled upon a suitable work contract advertisement around the end of my PhD. This gave me the chance to experience working in the industry.

How was your start?

I applied for a position as an application specialist when my work contract ended. Right from the beginning they were confident enough in my abilities to task me with many assignments. Only 6 weeks later, I was at my first international convention as a specialist for our PCR devices. 4 months after that I held my first talk in New York. After that, international trips abroad became part of my daily routine. It was all extremely interesting and fascinating.

What's so special about Eppendorf?

The flexibility they afford you and being thought of as a valuable asset! I temporarily increased my work hours during the critical phase of my last project. After completion I went back to my contractually agreed-upon hours. This flexibility allows me to have both a family life, and also meet my own demands regarding the quality of my work. Interactions between both fellow employees and my superiors are always conducted with an air of mutual respect. My work involves both many divisions and specialist fields. Every employee is aware of being a part of something bigger.