What we Offer

Our goal is to create new business in the life science space. We do this by exploring and testing new game-changing business models in collaboration with partners. We are continuously expanding our network of partners and key opinion leaders in our innovation target areas. We possess comprehensive expertise in business, product management and development, marketing, IP, finance and investment, and life science applications, such as molecular biology.

  • Capital

    Investing capital to empower your business

  • Support

    Supporting you in realizing your business ideas

  • Growth

    Helping increase your revenues

  • Expertise

    Providing our managerial and scientific expertise and industry knowledge

  • Connection

    Connecting you to our internal experts

  • Network

    Connecting you to our external network of specialists

Investment scope and typical terms

Typical investment terms:

  • Market segments: Life science tools, research-use-only and clinical diagnostics
  • Regional focus: North America and Europe
  • Investment stages: (Late) seed, (pre-)series A and series B
  • Minority investments: Up to 20%, as lead or follower, co-investments with other (financial) VCs possible, seeking board seat
  • Investment size: Up to 10 Mio. € per project and round

Our Investments

Molecular biology

✔ Liquid biopsy

✔ Omics sample prep

✔ Workflow solutions in early cancer detection and monitoring

Digital solutions

✔ Data-driven business models and AI/self learning systems

✔ Novel approaches to enhance lab productivity and quality of results

✔ Continuous lab process improvement / benchmarking

Cell biology

✔ Cell culture and single cell applications

✔ Novel cellular models of organs (i.e. organoids)

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