Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology

The international Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology is awarded annually to one young scientist who is not older than 35 years for the most outstanding neurobiological research based on methods of molecular, cellular, systems, or organismic biology conducted during the past three years.

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Prize money: US$25,000
Applications open: February 1, 2024

Apply by: June 15, 2024

Congratulations to Marissa Scavuzzo, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, USA on winning the 2023 Eppendorf & Science Prize. The ability to digest food, absorb nutrients, and process waste is required for life. Many of these essential tasks are controlled by an independent nervous system embedded within every layer of the gut called the enteric nervous system (ENS). While enteric glial cells outnumber neurons in the ENS, little is known about their functional diversity. Dr. Scavuzzo developed a new approach to study these cells which led to the discovery that defined subtypes of glial cells regulate distinct aspects of digestion.

Read more about Marissa Scavuzzo’s work here.

Meet the Awardees 2023 

Watch to find out more about the 2023 prize winner Marissa Scavuzzo and prize finalists Michael A. Skinnider and Mattia Aime. Learn about their research, what motivates them in the lab, and why they applied for the Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology.

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